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Designed to take you from flow to fashion.

Bringing our vision to life

by making an imprint on the industry

For the good

It took us more than two years to find the right manufacturer to bring our vision to life. We are dedicated to changing the lifecycle of clothes, by focusing on developing textile technology to create unique fabric compositions.

Make it tech, but make it fashion

We partner with one of the industry’s
highest certified textile companies
which is a vertically integrated factory.

Our partners are industry leading
in new material technologies where
they develop advanced materials
for activewear.

With an eco-friendly construction
and manufacturing process,
they hold the highest environmental
certifications in the industry
for resource-saving production, traceability,
chemical content, and social requirements.

We believe that making an imprint on the industry can help to achieve new industry standards.

Using transparency and sustainability as a tool in the supply chain creates consciousness to make sustainable choices.

We value the production process and the people behind it.

All our clothes are produced in a sustainable environment with a local manufacturer in the heart of Los Angeles. We believe making an imprint on the industry by decreasing the environmental impact of the production process. Therefore, we choose to work with factories with environmental certifications.

That implies the respect of human rights, improved working conditions and that pays a wage above the average in the industry to meet the certification criteria.
Using local manufacturers helps us improve our ecological footprint in many ways, such as reduced shipping costs, locally produced raw materials.


A lightweight and elasticated neoprene fabric with
a soft and sleek finish. Made
with a fine knit construction that will keep a
barrier between the skin and environment to
wick sweat away.


A compressed and elasticated design that gives
a feeling that there are no restrictions.
It has a quick-drying effect and is resistant
from odour, meaning it removes the heavy
feeling of sweat.


A buttery soft fabric that brings a naked feeling
to the skin with minimal seams. The innovative
four-way stretch design for shape retention is
what makes this fabric special.

Unlock the afterlife of clothes

Always follow our care guide to keep the clothes
looking great through endless washings. In addition,
it is a reminder to revise our washing habits
and reflect on our purchase patterns.

All clothes are made of quick drying fabrics that are resistant from odor, meaning you can leave the clothes to air dry without washing them too often.

Wash your clothes with similar colors on low to cold temperatures and turn them inside out to protect the garment.

We highly recommend not to use fabric softener to protect the fiber construction and to be kind to the environment.

Our intention is to create long-lasting pieces that can be matched with each other. We want our customers to be able to identify with our brand and to feel proud wearing it.
We work with transparency and sustainability as the key components to educate our customers how our clothes have been made.

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