aiychim is founded by two sisters with the shared desire of creating a new generation of durable athleisure wear. Created with a focus on design and top-quality fabrics, the clothes represent a clean and minimalistic look for a modern wardrobe that goes beyond trends.

In partnership with our collaborators, we’ve sourced buttery-soft and technical fabrics that are innovatively crafted with new materials. The collection's concept is centered on eliminating waste materials like metal in zippers and buttons, ensuring both fabric and product longevity beyond seasons.

All our production takes place at our Los Angeles-based factory, that enables us to uphold eco-friendly and ethical practices through transparency.

In order to be a sustainable brand that combines style, comfort, and practicality, we believe in the ability to set new industry standards for generations to come.

Shop consciously, cherish endlessly.

/ Malou & Gabriella

Zero Compromise

It took us more than two years to find the right manufacturer to bring our vision to life of a durable collection with premium quality. Today, we partner with one of the industry’s highest certified textile companies. We are dedicated to changing the lifecycle of clothes that is dependent of the fabric it is made of, by focusing on developing material technology.

A business for good

We believe that by making an imprint on the industry, we can help develop industry standards for a sustainable future. Our partners are industry leading in developing innovative material technologies for activewear. With their eco-friendly construction and manufacturing process, they hold the highest environmental certifications in the industry for resource-saving production, traceability, chemical content, and social requirements.

Small and sustainable

All our clothes are designed by our founders and produced in a sustainable environment with a local manufacturer in Los Angeles that focus on human rights, improved working conditions and pays a wage above the average in the industry. Using local manufacturers helps to improve our environmental footprint with reduced shipping costs, locally produced raw materials and fabrics.